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Fraser island is the world’s largest sand island at around 120 kms long, and it has plenty of amazing spots which are unique to the island – it’s definitely a special place which has to be visited whilst travelling Australia. So why is it so special? Because the experiences you will have on Fraser Island are unique to Fraser, and you won’t have them anywhere else in Australia, or frankly, anywhere in the world.

There are a few options for visiting Fraser Island, however as a backpacker who has experienced the 2-3 day tag along tour and had the best few days of my life, I am slightly biased. You can access Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay – most trips will collect you from Noosa.

The tag along tour is the most common way to visit the island amongst backpackers, and is a great way to meet new like minded people. You are put in groups of 6-8 and there are generally 2-4 jeeps who follow the front 4x4 which is driven by your guide. You are then each allowed to swap and get a chance at driving on the sand which is an amazing experience in itself. Everyone quickly makes friends and it’s not long until you’re all singing along to old school tunes and spotting dingos. Over the duration of the trip you will visit the best places on the island, which we will go into more detail on shortly. All food is provided, and you can bring as much alcohol as you wish.

Note: you must be over 21 to drive the jeeps and hold a full valid driving licence {however} if you don’t qualify to drive on the island then no worrrrries – you can still enjoy this experience – jump in the passenger seat and instead of driving – be in charge of the TUNES 🙂

Another option is to rent your own 4 x 4, however this generally works out the most expensive option as you will need to pay for the ferry, petrol, camping permits and of course the rental, also you will have no guide to show you the best places to stop around the island. The final option is to do a day trip, which are generally marketed towards families. This is a good option if you are rushed for time, but won’t give you enough time to fully immerse yourself in the Fraser Island experience.

The stops

Lake wabby is a great swimming spot, which is surrounded by sand dunes which are ideal for racing up or down. The lake is filled with fish which will nibble on your feet, and give you a mini spa day!

The Champagne pools are called this because when the waves crash into the rocks the overflow of water is bubbly giving the effect of champagne. Very fun to splash around in!

Indian head offers panoramic views of the island, as it is at the northern tip. Dolphins and turtles are often spotted from up here as well as other wildlife.

Eli creek is like a lazy river which you can float down, it is made up of freshwater which travels down from the top of the creek to the sea.

The WW2 shipwreck makes a cool photo opportunity. It was used as a medical ship in WW2 and sold to the japanese and then got washed up onto the beach during a cyclone. There is only half the ship remaining as you can see as Australians used the ship for bombing practice.

At this stop {on some tours} there is also the opportunity to do a plane ride over the island and see it from above, makes for some pretty cool photos and there are some parts of the island such as the butterfly lake which can only be seen from above!

Lake Mckenzie is the most famous lake of them all due to it’s white sand and the bluest freshwater which you can drink. The sand is so fine you can even use it to exfoliate! The water is amazing to swim in and it’s so picturesque.

Fraser Island will give you true sense of island life, there’s pretty much no phone signal which makes it feel like a true escape from the world, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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This blog post was written in collaboration with travel blogger Helena Critchley who has just
finished two months of travelling the east coast of Australia, you can get more tips for your
trip on her blog here.

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