Hi, I'm Charles Oliver

Location: Bondi Beach, Australia

‘My 9 – 5’

{Male Fashion Blogger // DJ // Traveller}






Originally British

, UK Babbbby – now have an Aussie Passport

Languages Spoken:


Time spent in Australia:

Wow 8 years and counting now – Time fly’s on the East Coast

Traveled a total of:

3,982 Km’s & counting

A little about me…

I have lived in Brisbane, Byron, Cairns and Sydney where I am currently, I used to work in the travel industry (with Sammy Boi) which was a huge part of
my life. Shortly after arriving in Sydney I wanted to get back into playing music and creating MixTapes. I got picked up quickly and from there it
has scored me some residencies and gigs at some of Sydney’s finest clubs: Ivy, Sheaf, The Island and Marquee to name a few – hit me up on Instagram
when you are in Sydney to find out what nights are GOING OFF. I then started to showcase my journey through social media which lead me to incorporate
another one of my passions in the fashion industry and that is where I am today.

Why is Aussie so special…

The outdoor lifestyle stole my heart, after working in Travel and being lucky enough to see nearly the whole country, I am stuck and can’t see myself
leaving for a long time.

Best moment in Australia:

Doing 3 days on the whitsundays, partying the whole way back to Cairns with no sleep and my mates surprising me with a skydive at 7am straight off
the Greyhound has to be one of the most epic things I’ve done. Also hiring the whole PowerPlay Whitsunday Boat with a bunch of friends was pretty

And Finally…

My favourite spot in Aussie Land has to be Fraser Island, Whitsundays and of course the West Coast – Ningaloo Reef is INSANE! I go by this saying if
you’re here for a good time not a long time do as much as you can and never let your financial situation effect your standards of living.






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