Hi, I'm Charlie Keep

Location: UK & Australia

‘My 9 – 5’

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 / Semi Aussie 

Languages Spoken:


Time spent in Australia:

8 days in Sydney in 2014, 4 months over 2015/2016 & June 2017 to until April 2018

Traveled a total of:

How many fingers and thumbs have you got??? I’ve been up and down this huge country more times than you can shake a boomerang at.

A little about me…

My mum told me when I was a kid that you had to find the thing that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck and do that! My main inspiration has
always been film and everything to do with it. I’m a massive film score geek and even listen to epic soundtrack music whilst running! If I ever feel
like I’ve lost that energy I just go watch a film on the big screen and it gives me goosebumps. 

A little about me…Right, firstly, let me explain the name….in my early 20’s I worked in the Swiss Alps as a ski rep where I acquired the
ski guiding nickname ‘Pocket Rocket’ because I was fast and I’m only 5ft tall! My first ever travel adventure was a 2 month road trip around 33 states
in America on a tour called ‘The Trailblazer’ Last year, when I started designing my travel channel, the name just came to me and ‘Pocket Trailblazer’
was born!

For the last 8 years, I have been working freelance in movie production back in the UK which gives me the flexibility to chase my 2nd dream which is combining
my passion for storytelling / filming and travel, trying to inspire people to get out and explore the world.

Why is Aussie so special…

From the very first moment I stepped in Australia, it just felt like home! So much so, that after only spending 8 days here I actually cried on the flight
home! So from that point I planned to return for longer to explore properly which I did in Dec 2015.

I did the Great Ocean road, a 6 day tour in the outback to Uluru, spent New Years in Sydney. Adventured all the way up the East coast and then spent 10
days exploring up the West coast, which is still my favourite place so far!

And Finally…

I live me life by the phrase “You can always make more money, you can’t make more time” I know it may seem scary but just BOOK THAT FLIGHT and it will
be the gateway to the biggest adventure of your life. One of the things I always tell myself when i doubt something is ‘YES YOU CAN’ –Don’t believe
me – Take a look at my channel and see for yourself!





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