Hi, I'm Romain

Location: True Nomad

‘My 9-5’

{Artist // Photographer // Surf Camp Owner – Dominican Republic}






Nomad {Born & Bred}

Languages Spoken:

French, Spanish & English

Time spent in Australia:

8 months & counting – cruised around Byron Bay a lot – currently in the Dominican Republic where I have opened my own surf camp.

Travelled a total of:

1,797 Aussie Km’s

A little about me:

At the moment I’m not travelling I’m just living my normal life… I was born into travel and my adventure hasn’t stopped. I could swim before I could
walk and the ocean is where I feel most at home. I have lived in Amazonia, The Caribbean, Europe and now Australia. When I was younger I didn’t have
a dog in my garden or a cat in my house instead I loved the animals of the jungle… I had a pet Anaconda and Spider. I regularly swim with whales
and dolphins whilst in Byron Bay and my dream is to see a White Shark up close.

I now own and operate a surf camp in the Dominican Republic.

Why is Aussie so special:

It was my best friend and the pictures she showed me that made me obsessed with Aussie land. Since I arrived it has not disappointed. The lifestyle, people
and nature inspire me to spread this love to others. I live for the beach, ocean and adventure. I now consider this my home… For now! Where
ever I go my best friend {my camera} is always by my side.And Finally… Many people look at pictures and I hope you are inspired by mine, however
just looking at pictures doesn’t make memories. Be inspired… book a flight and make your own story.



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