24 August

Kakadu Backpacker Tours: What to Pack

One of the best things about Kakadu Tours is that its as REAL as it get when it comes to the ultimate Aussie outback experience. The outback
isn’t for the fainthearted and there are a few essentials to pack which will ease off the harshness of the Kakadu surroundings so that you can get
on with enjoying the BEST National Park in Australia.


Kakadu Backpacker Tours: What to Pack

Good Hiking Shoes

It’s important not to underestimate the landscape you’ll be walking on in Kakadu, the last thing you want is soggy feet or to twist your ankle {trust us – clumsy sammy boy here}.
Keep your feet safe so you can keep exploring through Kakadu without any nagging blisters which could have been prevented by having a good pair of
kickers. Don’t forget, that this is Aussie, you don’t to want to stand on something that bites whilst wearing thongs aka flip flops.

Camel Pack

One of the best buys you could get hold of, not just for Kakadu but for your whole time in Australia, is a Camel Pack. Making sure you have a enough
water with you will do the trick of course but a Camel Pack is the alpha when it comes to comfortable efficiency. For obvious
reasons it is important to stay hydrated and that definitely means bringing more water than you think is needed. Especially out here where you
won’t find shops out in the parks!

Light Clothes, Round Peak Hat and Sunblock

We are honestly not kidding when we say that Aussie is HOT. Protecting yourself from the sun is THE priority, long sleeves and trousers
are recommended {sounds weird right… but trust us, sunburn is not fun!}. You are best wearing clothes that are also very light.
There are plenty of places to take a dip, so definitely don’t forget your swimmers. Also – a round peak hat and sunblock are also needed to protect
you from the sun. Avoiding sunburn will keep you fresh and able to enjoy every single last Kakadu moment >> and plus no one wants to look
like a lobster do they??

Mosquito Repellent

This kinda speaks for itself but is most commonly forgotten. Nothing will drive you fruit bat crazy quicker than being pestered by Mosquitos. Slap
it on and keep those blood suckers at bay.

Extra Battery Pack Charger

RatPacker’s, we’ve seen your insta’s and we know you love a good photo op {send us the good ones and we’ll feature you!}, in Kakadu there
are SO many moments that just need to be caught on camera. Having an extra battery pack charger can keep you from missing out on that great photo
opportunity but naturally, this won’t exactly hinder your experience. But if you have one, definitely bring it.


Anything that is going to protect you from the conditions will also enable you to enjoy Kakadu for everything it is absolutely worth. Follow the advice
this Kakadu Backpacker Tours; What to Pack guide and we guarantee the greatest Aussie experience possible!



credits >>> photos supplied by Charlie Keep aka Pocket Trailblazer


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