24 August

Why Thousands are Racing for Kakadu Tours

Kakadu National Park has a reputation which needs no introduction, the rumors speak for themselves and if you haven’t heard of Kakadu within at least a few days of your arrival to Aussie, you are in the wrong hostel. There are so many reasons why thousands are racing for Kakadu Tours as we speak, reasons that may have you joining us very soon…….. 

5 Reasons Why Thousands are Racing For Kakadu Tours


Escaping City Life

Nobody can knock the Aussie city life in Melbs & Sydney, they certainly rise above most other cities in the world. However, city life in our opinion is frantic and rarely pauses for a moment’s rest. After a little bit of time in the city we at RatPack find that it’s not long until we start seeking out something a little more tranquil & chill. Naturally, there is no better place for this than in the Aussie wilderness of the Northern Territory – Kakadu National Park.


Connecting with Nature without Wifi!

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t use our phones….. BUT sometimes its good to switch off, slow down and get off our phones and appreciate what’s really in front of us. When we think of an authentic experience, we think of being surrounded by natural bliss, untouched wildlife and having the moment all to ourselves and our small gang of like minded explorers. This is exactly why so many people are exploring what Kakadu has to offer; you don’t get much further out than being in the middle of a national park which expands 200 km from north to south and 100 km from east to west. You don’t just get lost out here, there’s no wifi ;).


Expanding Comfort Zones

Expanding comfort zones always sounds.. well, uncomfortable. But we reckon this is a little different because this is what you have always wanted to do, your travel bug definitely doesn’t urge you to do the same thing in Australia as you did back home! It is common however, to find ourselves naturally falling into the routine we plotted so heavily against before travelling. The way we break such a cycle is by showing the wimpy version of ourselves who’s really in charge. There is no better place to beat the wimpy sod out of us than in the Aussie Outback.


Instagram Does Not = Experiences.

Have you ever heard of Insta Travel? It’s basically when we become guilty of posting photos that make it look like we are having the time of our lives rather than actually having the time of our lives – who isn’t guilty of this right? The breaking point for backpackers in Australia however, is knowing there are places like Kakadu National Park to experience and furthermore, it is the kind of experience that may very well make you forget to whip your phone out to take a photo. The landscape, wildlife and vast surroundings are so engaging that you’ll too busy experiencing it.


Because Why Not

How many reasons could you really think of to not add experiences to your travelling adventure? This is what you came here to do right? The Outback is the heart of Australia; it is very much a part of aussie culture passed down over hundreds of years. Not experiencing the Outback is very much like only taking a nibble out of your cake! Rather than ask yourself why, ask yourself…. why not see the most majestic and expansive landscape in the world, why not experience the rich aboriginal culture, why not put yourself in a completely new situation and then you can discover why thousands of backpackers are racing for Kakadu Tours.



credits >>>>> photos by Charlie Keep AKA Pocket Trailblazer

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