Tips & Tricks

We’ve been there, done it & got the tshirt, shrunk it in a hostel tumble drier, spilt goon on it and lost the t’shirt…

(OH and when you’re in the Bay come visit us {at our Banter Bus RatPack HQ} & we’ll fix you up with a new RPT T - by the time you reach us you might be in need of a fresh one)...

Let’s just say we’ve done a lot in our time travelling around Oz & NZ, we made some mistakes along the way but learnt from them and picked up a lot of tips & tricks >>> we now want to share the info so you start your Oz / NZ experience on the ultimate HIGH!

If you need to know info about transferring money in the most cost effective way, setting up a bank account, sorting out your visa or how to find FREE campsites we gotcha back…

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