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You’ve might have guessed by now that the RatPack crew love nothing more than a cruisy little surf town… and Agnes water in queensland is RIGHT up our street and we reckon yours too!
  • Chill on the beach…
  • Learn to surf with legends…
  • Meet the kangaroos at the sanctuary
  • Kick back in a hammock!

Read on to find out more about our favourite hostel in Agnes Water, the legendary Cool Bananas!

Agnes Water

You’ll find Agnes Water in between Airlie Beach and Rainbow Beach, making it the perfect rest stop for a couple of chill days between the epic experiences of Whitsundays & Fraser Island. So if you are ready to kick back in a hammock, relax, learn to surf for a few days and just switch off then Agnes is for you.

This spot is a RatPack fave because its cruisy, hippie and shoes are not allowed, it has beaut beaches, forests, kangaroos all over the place and the surf is perfect for beginners making it an epic place to learn.

Cool Bananas Hostel

When it comes to hostel recommendations UNO we gotcha back.. And this one is absolutely up there in our top. When you get to Agnes Water/ the Town of 1770 head to Cool Bananas, it’s probably the most chilled hostel we’ve ever been too and we love it. When you arrive at the Greyhound stop the crew will meet you in their shuttle bus, they’ll be easy to spot because someone is usually dressed as a banana! The hostel has a real family vibe, the staff are so friendly, there are hammocks and a fire pit so expect someone to get on the guitar round the fire (our money’s on someone playing wonderwall!).

Kick back in a hammock....

You’ll feel right at home here at cool bananas, it has a massive lounge area with comfy sofas and games, a huge outdoor area with picnic tables & fire pit and a huge kitchen! There’s palm trees and hammocks all over the place so you are 100% required to switch off, slow down and live without shoes for a couple of days! Another thing we love about cool bananas is that  between 6-8pm they do a WiFi blackout which means people actually chat rather than sit on their phones (which we see often!!), at 8pm the WiFi is turned back on but you have to crack the riddle to guess the password! Absolute bants from the team here and we love em….

What to do in Agnes...

Agnes Water/1770 is home to one of the most UNIQUE experiences in Aussie…. Did you ever watch shipwrecked or bear grylls the island and fancy yourself as a contestant? Well here you can do exactly that. The Castaway experience is what it says on the tin, you’ll be taken with a group to an island and tasked with fending for yourselves for a few days! Don’t panic though, you’ll be given all your supplies, sleeping gear and even kayaks for your time on the island. Expect to fish, hike and explore the island in true castaway style. Fancy it? Hit us U P for all the deets..

Whilst you are in Agnes, make the most of the epic surroundings and get exploring, head to the paperbark forest and wander through this magical spot, go see the kangaroos at the Horizon Kangaroo Sanctuary, and watch the sunset over 1770 after a walk through the butterfly forest.

If your keen to give surf lessons a go then we recommend doing it right here, scrap Bondi where you will be totally overcharged! Hit up Grom at reef to beach surf school, he’s a local LEGEND and will get you up on your board in no time, his lessons are around $17 for 2 or 3 hours last time we checked which is an absolute stellaaaa deal.

Time to chill in Agnes?

We love abit of this hippy little spot, expect to wear no shoes whilst you are here and make the most of the empty beaches and hammock time << thats abit of us FOR SURE…

  • This is the perfect spot if you need a few chill days between Fraser and the Whitsundays
  • Don’t expect shops or bars here, there are a few local boutiques, supermarkets and one pub!

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I had an EPIC time in Agnes Water, so much so I visited 3 times! This spot below is my favourite spot for sure for sunset, get involved with the cruisy vibes, kick back and relax in this town like no other!

Enjoy 🙂 



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Our team love to eat cookies! We’ve added them to the site to improve your experience, we’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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