13 April

Finding a Job in Oz ‐ The RatPack Way

Coming over to Aussie on a working holiday visa for a year? GOOD SHOUT – at RatPack we all did the same initially and then found ways to stay a bit longer…
Working over here is the one as the minimum wage is pretty high, you’ll end up making decent money whatever kind of job you decide to go for – and
decent money equals saving… which we all know equals more travelling!

With your WHV you are can work for the same employer for up to 6 months, so a lot of travellers use this 6 months to make as much money as they can to
carry on travelling or fund the next adventure. Others do the dreaded farm work to get their second year visa, and some will get super LUCKY and get
sponsored through a job role to be able to stay longer..

Australia loves coffee, eating out and drinks…. So obvs there are PLENTY of hospo roles in every town or city you go to! If you want to get your
second year visa you’ll want a job on a farm {more on this another time!}. Other than these jobs there’s also roles for backpackers in construction,
au pair or in offices on a temporary contract >> these will take on backpackers with a WHV and extra points if you speak fluent english.

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We’ve found the best way to get a job quickly is to literally go into places and ask to speak to the manager and put your cv right in their hands. This
works best in for bars/cafes/hostels – or ask around in the hostels if anyone is about to leave a job!

Go for the temp roles {flexi babyyyy}

 The best kind of jobs to go for are temporary or contract roles, this way you can be super flexible and not be tied to work in a
place for ages! Alot of companies are a bit sceptical about employing travellers on working holiday visas for full time roles as it’s pretty likely
they are going to leave. If you get a temp role and impress, they may want to keep you on and potentially sponsor you {the golden words}. You can search
by ‘temporary’ on job search engine sites ‘Seek’ and ‘Indeed’. There may also be temp jobs being advertised on Gumtree. Which leads us to our next

Use Gumtree {they’re not all dodgy.. We think}

This site is not just for buying second hand iPhones, Gumtree is probably one the best outlet for finding local jobs, particularly for hospitality work.
You can also make your own ad on Gumtree and state what you are looking for, and local businesses will be able to find you and get in contact. Farm
work will also often be advertised on Gumtree or on one of the websites listed in the ‘Useful websites’ section at the end of this post.

Use recruitment agencies {let them do the work}

Recruitment agencies can be pretty good at finding you temp office work such as call centre or customer service contracts – or something in whatever field
you fancy working in. It’s good to get your details on file with as many agencies as you can and then when a contract role which suits you hits their
desk, they’ll hit you up!

Tailor your CV to what you are applying for {makes sense right?}

If you have relevant experience, shout about it on your CV! A good way to do this is read the job spec and edit your cv to include as many of the skills
listed on the job spec in your CV {even just blag it if you haven’t}

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