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Everything You Need to Know about the Greyhound Whimit Passes

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The Whimit is Greyhound’s (coach travel in Aussie) hottest new travel pass. It basically allows unlimited travel for as long as your pass is valid for, up and down the coast. There is a pass to suit any time frame, so it suits all trips.

This travel method is perfect for:

  • Solo travellers
  • Groups of friends that don’t want to drive (ideal if you plan on being hungover ha!)
  • If you don’t have a drivers license
  • If you want to see all the major hotspots on the East Coast

As you may or may not be aware, Greyhound passes usually only allow you to travel in one direction, on a set route – hopping on and off as you go.

Well, this new Whimit pass still has the hop on hop off feature but, it allows you to travel in any direction that you please on any route! Cool huh?

This new pass is ideal for any kind of trip, short or long. It is better value for money and involves less planning – so you know what that means – more time for adventure and taking in the beaut sites of Australia.

Interested to find out more? We gotcha! Let’s goooooooo…

What is the Whimit Pass?

It all sounds great right? But how do you know if this is the best pass for you? Well, we’re gonna tell ya!

Greyhound used to only offer hop on hop off passes from destination to destination. You picked a route and stayed on that route.

The Whimit pass now offers travel in any direction on any route with a larger max of travel days.

This makes it suitable for any time frame of travel.

Is this the pass for me?

The Whimit Pass comes with a lot more freedom!

Travelling for up to a month

It is the ideal option if you’re travelling for a shorter period of time as you can cover more ground.

You can pop all over the place without being tied down to a certain route. So more time adventuring and less time planning.

Travelling for a long period of time

This pass is also pretty handy if you’re going to be in Aussie for a long ol’ time (up to a year).

You can even grab yourself a 365 day travel pass! This was not possible before. So a pretty epic addition.

How does it work?

For each of the travel passes, you get more value for money the longer the pass is valid for. For example, a 15 day Whimit adds up to around $22 a day whereas, the 30-day pass is only around $14 a day.

From 15 and 30 day passes to 120 and 365 day passes, the Whimit makes it wayyyy easier to see all that Aussie has to offer and save your dosh!

You can book the buses online using your unique log in which you recieve when you purchase your pass. Its SUPER easy to book and change your buses, turn up around 15 minutes before the departure time to board and make sure you have your pass barcode/voucher ready to show to the driver. Sometime you will need to show ID too, drivers license works! 

The ULTIMATE 4 week route with the Whimit pass...

So, let’s show you how it works…

Say you were keen to travel from Cairns to Sydney (probs the most popular route for backpackers) but only have 30 days.

This is what your itinerary could look like (oh, and if you need help with time-tabling everything, we can help with our free calendar service- hit us up!)

  • 5 days in Cairns
  • 1 day in Mission Beach
  • 3 days on Maggie Island
  • 1 day in Airlie
  • 3 days on the Whitsundays (chillout time!)
  • 1 day in Airlie
  • 3 days in Agnes Water
  • 1 day at Rainbow Beach
  • 3 days for Fraser Island (a must do)
  • 2 days in Noosa
  • 1 day in Brisbane
  • 1 day on the Gold Coast
  • 4 days in Byron (come say hey!)
  • 5 days in Sydney

Sounds like a pretty epic trip right!? You get to see all of the main hot spots in just 1 month…it’s a no brainer!

Sound like a bit of you?

If travelling via Greyhound WHIMIT pass sounds perfect for you, shoot us a message or click on the links below to get your very own pass.

We’ve travelled up and down the coast on the Greyhound buses and they are epic, why?

  • The buses run regularly between all major hotspots on the east coast
  • The bus stops are usually close to the hostels
  • You’ll meet other legends who are backpacking on the same route as you, get chatting!
  • We can get you 10% discount off the passes yewwwww, shoot us a message and we’ll tell you how…

Let's get rollin'

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I hope this breakdown of the new Greyhound pass has made it more clear as to which travel option is best for you. Just remember take in all of your surroundings, try and squeeze in all of the top sites and most importantly, enjoy yourself RatPack Style. 

Jules (RPT Blog Writer) 

Stay tuned for my next piece…


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