13 March

Packing your BackPack when travelling

When I set off to Strailia back in 2011 I managed to Pack a BackPack weighing 21KG’s… 5 years later and still on the road…

I have 5 T-shirts, 3 Shorts {jean style}, 2 long jeans, 1 set of swimmers, a Huddy, my thongs {AKA flip flops} and a few sets of boxers / briefs / undies / or what ever else you want to call them…

Oh and of course a party shirt >> an absolute necessity!


Maybe I travel on the light side compared to fellow RatPackers. However, I’m always inter mingling with people who can’t even carry their own gear. The last person you want to be is the one waddling down the street and paying flight companies for excess baggage.

I’m perhaps approaching this topic from too much of a {typical} ‘Boys’ point of view but whether your male or female I can 100% guarantee the first time you venture to the other side of the word – YOU WILL OVER PACK… how about watching Mollie in action – giving you her top tips on all things luggage…



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