12 November

Reasons to consider backpacking at Kakadu National Park

Considered the best National Park in Australia, Kakadu is one of only four sites in the country to be included in the World Heritage List for universal value and culture.

It stretches across a MASSIVE 19,000 square Kilometres, the park’s geological rock formations are some of the oldest on earth, so if your into vintage
then you better head this way. For backpackers, Kakadu is an absolute dream. If we’ve made you curious about backpacking in Kakadu National Park then read
on as we set out our some must-see-sites when you take a roadie up to this epic spot!.

Getting to Kakadu National Park

Situated towards the north of Australia, Kakadu is just east of Darwin and about 120kms away {FYI thats nothing in Aussie terms}. Jabiru is the main township
for the Kakadu National Park, and access to the town could easily be undertaken from the Arnhem Highway. There are loads of options to find your way
around Kakadu. Kakadu can be explored via hiking, tour, four wheel-drive, by boat or even helicopter so your options are endless!

Kakadu Dreams 4WD 2 Day Camping Safari

Lets get diverse babyyyyyy

Kakadu is home to a phenomenally diverse range of fauna and flora, which includes scenic landscapes, rugged rocky cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls and so
much more we’re not kidding when we say you’ll feel like you are in Jurassic Park! We’re getting David Attenborough on you here but the park’s biodiversity
includes endemic species of plants, mammals, reptiles, fish and more than 10,000 insect species alone.

Territory Expeditions: 3 day/2 night 4WD Kakadu/Litchfield Tour (Nov to April)

“Kakadu National Park is one of Aussie’s treasures, if you want to get that true aussie experience then head up to the Northern Territory and check out
what this unreal area has to offer”

As cultural as it GETS

Another reason to backpack in Kakadu National Park is to be able to explore the culture of the First Peoples of Australia. Many communities still call
the Park home and these communities have been identified as the Mungguy people. If you are into getting up close and personal with absolutely ancient
rock art and lots of culture, then Kakadu National Park is the best place to be. The rock art works which have been around for more than 50,000 years
are mostly located along rocky gorges and escarpments, making it a perfect hiking route >> be prepared for a real adventure here ratpackers!
So many options, so many good times coming your way RatPackers – hit us up if you need some helping working out what type of tour is best for you!



Want us to plan it for you?  

Epic picture cred to Charlie Keep aka Pocket Trailblazer

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