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Here at RatPack, everything is go go go, centred on adventure and making the most over every single millisecond of your time in Australia. But sometimes, a moment of relaxation and slowing down a little is needed and if you look in the right places, Aussie can be exactly that…relaxing!

Most of your trip is going to be jam packed with epic adventures and experiences (check out our free planning calendar to get yourself organised), but sometimes you’ve got to break it up a little and chill-ax!!

Australia is a beautiful country, full of insane landscapes and wildlife – so don’t forget to look around every now and again and take it all in.

So here goes, RatPack’s top 5 Aussie locations where you can truly switch off

Great Barrier Reef

There is something so magical about submerging yourself in to the world of life under the sea.

Everything around you becomes so quiet and peaceful – all you can hear is the fish nibbling on the coral below (it’s so cool!).

Snorkelling and scuba diving is also the perfect excuse to go phone free! You can fully switch off and take in everything around you.


Sailing the Whitsundays

The Powerplay catamaran is the definition of luxury travelling *flashpacking* at an awesome price and has an onboard heated jacuzzi, incredible food, an onboard photographer, private rooms and activities such as snorkelling & stand up paddleboarding.

With only 18 others of board, this is a totally chilled out option of seeing the Whitsunday Islands in all their glory.

Magnetic Island

Maggie Island is so relaxing that some of the most laid back animals in the world call it their home. It is home to a load of koalas that can be spotted in trees dotted around the island.

Magnetic Island is 70% National Park and home to 23 pristine bays and beaches – so there is plenty to do that doesn’t require much energy.

Rottnest Island​

Just a 90min ferry ride from Perth, Rottnest Island is a place where you can really relax and unwind.

From picture perfect beaches to super cute locals (we’re talking about quokkas!), its an ideal spot to admire the natural beauty and unique wildlife.

Dolphin Kayaking in Byron Bay

Spend half a day on the water getting up close and personal with Byron’s locals – dolphins.

Not only will you see dolphins but you’ll also see turtles and a whale or two during the migration season {July-Oct}.

Ready to chill?

If these chillaxin ideas have persuaded you to give Australia a whirl then lets get an EPIC trip planned for you, yewwwwwwwww….

  • Did you know that we even help legends plan their relaxing but adventurous Honeymoons? 
  • If the fam are coming over to visit then let us know and we can help create an adventure PERFECT for the whole famo…
  • Seen something thats a little on the luxurious side or not keen on the backpacking vibe? Shoot us a message and we’ll recommend some unreal experiences that suit your vibe…
  • AND we can get you unreal discounts too, it’s the RatPack way!

Our favourite to switch off and slow down....

Chat to our Team

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I hope these relaxing experiences have given you a little taste of what you could be getting up to if you want to completely switch off for a bit. Just remember take in all of your surroundings, switch off your phone now and then and most importantly, enjoy yourself RatPack Style. 

Jules (RPT Blog Writer) 

Stay Tuned for my next piece…


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