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What is RatPack Travel all about?

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We are RatPack Travel, and you may have guessed by now that we do things a little differently around here. We are here to help you create an unreal aussie or NZ adventure and save you that important $$$ in the process… [we’re all backpackers here and know that you have to stretch that budget and travel as long as possible!}

We can help you out with…

  • Planning your Australia / NZ trip and figuring out where to start and finish
  • How to make the most of your timeframe to travel
  • Hooking you up with epic advice, discounts on campervan rental and tours
  • Booking all Australia tours at discounted rates..

Read on to find out more about this crew….

Lets DO this...

If you are heading to Aussie or NZ for the first time and looking to head out on trips and tours you might not know how things work around here. In a nutshell… there are many trips and tours and mannnyyy high street shops trying to sell them to you all at a ‘special deal’ {if you’ve travelled Asia you know that a special deal just for you isn’t a deal at all… its just to get you in!}.

As an independent Travel Agent that operates online and out of a renovated busin Byron Bay {did we mention that??} we’ll chat with you to help you choose trips that are suited to you and your style of exploring, travel options that’ll suit your budget and vibe and because we don’t have loads of overheads, we can pass our saving on to you and give you epic discounts.

If you think booking direct is always the best option.. Think again, we’re switching up the game and can save you at least 10% off the direct price of trips and transport including camper vans YEWWWW….. It’s the RatPack way. Now enough of us chatting away.. Let’s get in to the REAL talk of how we can help you, UNO.

Who is this RatPack Travel?

So you’ve seen us on Insta, FB, seen us on Where’s Mollie’s Blog or been recommended by a pal who has travelled Aussie and you figured you could really do with saving some $$$$ and booking some stuff for your Aussie/NZ trip? Well first things first, I’m Sammy, I started RatPack Travel as a way to help backpackers get the travel experience they deserve! Feel free to cruise our website, our blog, give us an insta stalk and watch our banter videos..

It starts with a message

All you need to do to get the ball rolllllllingggggggggg is send us a message in one of many ways.. A facebook message to the RatPack Travel page, a DM to our insta, an email, submit a contact form on our site or send us a whatsapp. We don’t bite and are buzzed to help a fellow backpacker, and no question is too small or too stupid, we’ve all been there! Once you send us a message, we’ll message you back with some bants, introduce ourselves and get chatting with you to find out how we can help.


Give us some deets

Next up, let us know where you’ll be travelling Aussie or NZ, your start and end travel dates aka how long you will be travelling for and where you’ll be flying in and out of! At this point let us know if there’s any spots that you absolutely want to see whilst on your travels. Also let us know if you have a discount code from one of our legendary bloggers like Where’s Mollie!

We'll do the hard work..

Leave it to us and we’ll create a personalised calendar for your dates and will give you a recommend route, locations to stop off along the way, how long to stay in them for and what to see whilst you are there! We’ll also highlight which parts we can help you save money on.We’ll send it over to you in pdf format, and you can hit us with any questions or amendments, if you don’t fancy going somewhere we can take it off or add something in to!

All suited to your vibe..

We mentioned earlier that there are lots of trips available which is actually kinda great because it means that there is something for everyone. We’ll ask you what your vibe is, let’s talk about the Whitsundays for example – do you want a party boat with a big group? Do you want a super chill boat with a small group? Or do you want a super social boat that is somewhere in between? From there, we can recommend to you what we think will be most suited to you, making sure you have the best experience, because we reckon it’s taking a lot of saving for this trip right?! Once we’ve gone over the bigger trips that you need to book in advance and things that we can save you dollar on, aka Fraser Island and the Whitsundays or a Greyhound Bus Pass. We’ll confirm with you which trips you are happy with and at a price that fits your budget, we’ll get booking…


Let’s make it official

Your happy with your trips, your not scared off by our banter.. Let’s get you booked in! So how does this work? We’ll send you a secure payment link where you’ll see all of the trips that we have confirmed at the discounted price, the dates you’ll be going and the total amount, from here you’ll be able to securely enter your payment details and ding… you are all good & ready to go! You’ll get a receipt issued and sent to your email address! Next up, we’ll get you booked in to all of your trips and transport and you will receive from us all of your tickets that will have all of the information you need, for example, check in information for tours, contact numbers, and what you need to bring. Don’t panic if this isn’t instant after your payment goes through, we do this manually and we might be on a different timezone but you will get it as soon as possible.

There you have it!

And it’s as simple as that, you can even do it from your desk at work whilst your dreaming of your travels, on a long bus journey or whilst on a pub crawl >> we’ve made it as easy as possible with you doing the least work. As always, we are always here to help and are always on hand to answer any questions that you have, we’ve all been there and want to share our tips with you!

Hit us up and we can help you book:

  • Discounted Campervan Rental
  • Fraser Island 4WD Jeep Experiences
  • Whitsundays Sailing Tours
  • Skydives, scuba dives, surfing and more!

Lets do it...

Chat to our Team

We operate a 24/7 service across multiple time zones. Our RatPackers have all been there and done it! Get the ball rolling on your upcoming trip. Send over your rough travel plans (including your flight details / dates). If you are yet to book a flight and seeking advice – HIT US UP ↡

Are YOU ready to go?

There you have it, the RatPack way…… If you are heading out on an adventure in Aussie or NZ, click the link above to shoot us a WhatsApp, we’ll then do all the work and get you ready for your adventure!


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Personalised Travel Calendar

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Our team love to eat cookies! We’ve added them to the site to improve your experience, we’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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