01 November

Why Kakadu Is As Wild As It Gets

It’s no secret that Australia has the potential to yield some pretty epic travel stories for those beckoned to its weird and wonderful shores – but Kakadu takes the crown when it comes to wild travelling story fodder.

Why Visit Kakadu?

Kakadu backpacker tours are as wild as it gets and here’s why. One of Australia’s most untouched national parks, Kakadu is a must visit on any traveller’s bucket list when backpacking Australia. It’s the kind of park that lures you in, and spits you out with a couple of true aussie stories to share. But, isn’t that what travelling’s about?

Now, you don’t be scared when visiting Kakadu. After all, you’ve come to the Northern Territory to see Australia’s outback at its best, no? Kakadu National Park is as wild as it gets when it comes to going off tracks with some parts only accessible in the dry season (May to October). In fact, the only thing you do have to be mindful of when visiting Kakadu are the crocs, snakes, spiders, poisonous plants and mossies. Oh come on RatPackers! You’re travelling Australia – what did you expect?

Kakadu Dreams 4WD 2 Day Camping Safari

“Aside from the less desirable critters that live in the 19,804 km² we call Kakadu National Park, you’ll also find unreal rainforest, epic gorges and cuter, furrier creatures such as wallaroos {yup thats a thing!}, Sugar gliders, brush-tailed phascogales and northern quolls – now don’t they sound cute”


An adventure like no other…

Anyway, once you’re immersed in the wild and wonderous surroundings of Kakadu you’ll be in awe of the frill necked and monitor lizards, just as much as the fluffy marsupials and incredible birdlife. No Kakadu tour is complete without sleeping under the stars and gazing at the hundreds of constellations that dot the unlit sky above, or without sharing a couple of beers around a campfire with new foreign friends. Nor without having the absolute bejeesus scared out of you when your sock starts to walk across your swag seemingly by itself. But hey, how else will you achieve those epic travel stories to tell for years to come?



Want us to plan it for you?  

Epic picture cred to our gal Charlie Keep AKA Pocket TrailBlazer

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