01 September

Why You Need To Get Kakadu On Your Aussie Bucket List

Aussie gives us so many epic adventures in all different forms, you’ve heard about the east coast.. you’ve probably heard about the west coast by now, BUT have you heard about the Northern Territory?? Right up at the top left of Aussie you’ll find unreal national parks, insane hikes, waterfalls, natural infinity pools – nature’s absolute playground! If you’re after a wild experience then head up to this part of aussie, you won’t regret it…

Just near {ish} Darwin is the B E A U T Kakadu National Park, its a firm RatPack fave and we gonna tell you all about why you need to get Kakadu ON the list.


Lets talk Kakadu…… What is it?

Kakadu National Park is a massive nature reserve aka natures playground in RatPack lingoooo in the Northern Territory of Aussie. If you want that Jurassic Park vibe on your Kakadu Backpacker Tour, it’s got it >> its absolutely stunning terrain is FULL of wetlands, rivers, waterfalls and sandstone. Kakadu is home to some 2,000 plant species and a huge variety of wildlife, we can safely say that you WILL come across plenty of snakes, spiders and all things that people have probably scared you about before you come to Aussie. The true king of the NT is the saltwater croc, they literally rule the lands here but they are just one of the many species that live in Kakadu National Park. Kakadu is reknowned for its history and here you’ll find historic culture with indigenous rock paintings that date to prehistoric times which has thousands in a headspin every year yewwwww.


Hitting up the Outback… Aussie Style

The ‘Outback’ is on nearly every aussie bucketlist that we’ve seen >> we’ve all seen Inbetweeners 2 right…. Don’t do a Jay, the outback is MASSIVE and you need to plan it carefully as to where you want to go depending on the experience you’re after! By heading on a BackPacker Tour of Kakadu you get to experience something authentic, something real and it doesn’t come more real than in the form of outback camping. Just you, a few other backpacker legends, a campfire and an enormous vast stretch of nature twirling noises of the night from every angle, if it sounds creepy, it probably is! It’s in moments like this that you know you actually pushed yourself into a seriously REAL adventure.

4WD Cruising #RatPackRoadie

Cruising through Kakadu National Park in a 4WD is literally a “pinch me” moment; “how did I end up here?” and yet, here you are and further still, it’s about to get better! You’ll be exploring the off road tracks in search of swimming holes and hiking routes and seeking out the epic wildlife that call this place home. There is no time off, it is one epic moment after the other so when you are in the 4WD make sure you have the right playlist to suit the experience >> we all know the ultimate roadie needs the right tunes {RatPacker Sophia is allllllllll about that Rufus Du Sol for a roadie get it on the list!}

We are all about those off the grid adventures and you’ll find that no wifi, ‘at one with nature’ right in Kakadu National Park.. there’s so many ways to explore this epic spot, we recommend on a 4WD tour with a group of legends >> the NT tour guides are like NO other and know all of the local secrets which we are ALL about yewwwwwwww.Image credit to the queen of NT – Charlie AKA Pocket Trailblazer



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