Hey, I'm Holly







Languages Spoken

English – wish I could speak more!

Time spent in Australia

Just under 6 months – the goal is to go back & live there some day!

Travelled a total of

3291.4 Aussie KM’s

A little about me…

About 2 years ago now, I headed off to Australia on my gap yahhh (really not a fan of that term, but hey) with no plan – nothing – just a week booked in Sydney to get going. After visiting, falling in love with and then moving to Manly, myself and my boyfriend then worked for a couple of months to get some dolla before travelling up the coast. Manly will always have a special little place in my heart – so shoot any q’s my way! From Manly, I travelled up the East Coast, hitting up all the best locations along the way – Noosa being my fave, oh and Fraser Island too – that was epic!

Why is Aussie so special…

Honestly, everyone says it and it’s become a bit of a cliche but it’s just so chilllll over there! I felt so at home embracing the beachy lifestyle, with my only worries being ‘what coastal walk shall we do today’ and ‘which hostel has enough beds for us’…I miss it everyday. Plus on the flip side (weirdly), everyone over there is so active, so you get the best of both worlds really.

And Finally…

After travelling and falling in love with the country, I want to be there to help fellow travellers get the best out of their experience as possible! I’m currently studying for my degree in PR & Journalism, but just cannot wait to get in to the real world and keep up my writing.

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