{A close relation to… // Crocodile Dundee}

Instagram >> @ratpack_travel

Age 25

Nationality British

Languages Spoken English

Time spent in Australia  >> 1 Year 3 Months and I AM RETURNING!

Traveled a total of  >> 12,252 Aussie KM’s

A little about me…

Returning home from OZ was a mistake, I repeat, a mistake!!! The first tip I always give is don’t land and be tempted to stay in just one place… Get out there, travel and explore as you never know whats round the corner. The experiences the people and the places you visit will make for a 1000 stories. Within the first month I visited islands, explored un-touched beaches, got lost in the outback and jumped out of a plane from 14,000 ft. I went from tapping away on a computer back in the UK to being chased by Roo’s on a banana plantation. My mission is to return and do it ALL over again!

Why is Aussie so special…

You know that feeling you get when you arrive on holiday and think you want to stay for ever – But after the week is over you want your own bed, your mum and a healthy dinner? Australia is not like that! That initial excitement doesn’t go away, in fact it grows stronger over time. I think that’s down to the people you meet who become life time friends, the places you get to see and the mind blowing experiences.

And Finally…

My favourite past time is talking about Australia. Without getting too deep it has a place in my heart and I can’t wait to get back. Bite the bullet, book your trip, you won’t regret it.

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