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Pro Dive – Padi Adv Open Water + Nitrox Liveaboard

From $1085

Pro Dive – Padi Adv Open Water + Nitrox Liveaboard

the low-down

Duration: 3 Days/ 2 Nights

Location: Cairns

Time: check in at 6:15am / return afternoon

Meet Location: Pick up from your accommodation in Cairns

Vibe: Scuba Diving, Learn a new skill, underwater world

Fees on arrival: $75 levy

From $1085

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RatPack Intro:

The Great Barrier Reef is an ABSOLUTE beautyyyyy and there’s no better place to dive for a few days than the reef! The adventure of staying out on the reef for 3 days and 2 nights on one of the EPIC live aboard boats is an experience like NO other.

On this tour you’ll be able to get down under in underwater world and explore the reef, see the beautiful coral and look for turtles, reef sharks (they don’t bite!), rays, nemos and an amazing array of tropical colourful fish..

This tour is suitable for those who already have their open water PADI qualification and want to gain their advanced open water qualification and learn to dive with Nitrox whilst spending an EPIC 3 days 2 nights diving the reef whilst on a liveaboard boat. If you need to achieve your PADI Open Water qualification to dive on the reef click here.

You’ll be happy to hear that this qualification requires 0 classroom time and will help you to develop your diving confidence and expand upon your madddd skills that make diving more fun and versatile! You’ll be taking part in up to 11 dives – 5 training dives, 4 pleasure dives and 2 night dives! You’ll be diving on some of the best dive sites the Outer Great Barrier Reef has to offer as well as plenty of time relax and really enjoy the reef experience. This trip offers the ultimate experience and value and will open up some awesome underwater opportunities {make sure you send us your underwater turtle selfies and shots you get}. Additionally you’ll also be learning to dive with Nitrox, what actually is Nitrox we hear you ask – well {we’re gonna get
technical on you} – ‘Enriched Air (also known as Nitrox) is a Nitrogen/Oxygen mix that has a greater percentage of oxygen and a lesser percentage of nitrogen in it than normal air. This means safer diving and potentially longer bottom times due to reduced Nitrogen absorption, this is ideal for multiple day diving.’ – so to sum it up RatPackers – it’s safer and you can dive for longer >> yewwwwww!

You’ll have an experience like no other whilst you are on the epic liveaboard boat! These boats are the absolute bomb and are purpose built for liveaboard diving adventures, you’ll have air conditioning, double or twin share rooms, and a large lounge and a sundeck area. Be prepared to have an awesome personalised experience with a small group of around 30 people, we can guarantee you a relaxed and intimate experience. So not only will you be getting to dive on one of the most incredible reefs in the world but you’ll also be with a group of fellow legends as the Pro Dive crew are awesome and will ensure you have the BEST time whilst giving you their expert guidance. You’ll be living on the boat for 3 days & 2 nights and whilst onboard all of your accommodation and food is included and everything you need to dive is provided!

Completion of this course will grant you with your PADI Advanced Open Water Qualification and a Nitrox certification.


The night before departure:If you have time between 4:30 – 6:30pm we suggest you drop into our retail shop, located on the corner of Shields & Grafton Streets, where you can arrange your dive equipment for the trip (this means you won’t have to do it at 6:00am on the morning of your trip!).

Reef Teach – You can learn about the reef and fish you will meet by visiting ‘Reef Teach’ a 2 hour Marine Biology Presentation. It is located on the 2nd floor of the Mainstreet Arcade at 85 Lake Street. If you aim to be there at 06:15pm the presentation will start at 06:30pm sharp. This is an additional cost and not available on Sunday and Monday nights

The 2 Nitrox training dives will be completed over the first two days, during 2 of the 5 Advanced Training Dives. All dives post nitrox certification will be available using nitrox.

Day One – Diving the Outer Great Barrier Reef

Dive 1 & 2 – Two pleasure dives to give you an introduction to diving on the Great Barrier Reef. This is also a great opportunity for you to acclimatize to the diving conditions, fine tune your skills or even to refresh your skills if it has been some time since your last dive.

Dive 3 – Navigation Dive – After revising your knowledge review, your instructor will brief you on your navigation dive where you will complete some exercises using both compass and natural references to help improve your underwater navigation skills.

Dive 4 – Night Dive – Here you will be introduced to night diving on the Great Barrier Reef. You will complete a simple navigation exercise before being given a guided tour with your instructor. During your night dive you can expect to find sleeping turtles, parrot fish and a variety of other marine life only encountered at night.

Day Two – Experience further fantastic diving on the Outer Great Barrier Reef

Dive 1 – Deep Dive – During this dive we will give you the experience to safely conduct dives beyond your 18 metre depth limit as an open water diver. Under the close supervision of your dive instructor you will be taken down to 30metres, where you will be tested for signs of nitrogen narcosis, shown the effects of increased pressure and colour absorption at depth.

Dive 2,3 & 4 – With your three core training dives now completed, you have today and tomorrow remaining for pleasure dives and to complete the last 2 dives of your Advanced training dives, all designed to introduce you to other interesting areas of diving which you may wish to learn more about. You can select your last 2 training dives from those listed below.

Day Three – Morning dives and return to Cairns

Dive 1,2 & 3 – You have a morning of pleasure diving and the opportunity to finish any additional training dives that you may not have yet completed, before returning to Cairns after lunch.


Up to 11 dives (2 night dives and 9 day dives)

PADI Advanced Certificate

PADI Advanced Manual – English, German, or Japanese

2 passport photos

All dive equipment, dive computer, log book

Accommodation transfers

All meals

Bed linen

Snorkel equipment

Prescription mask if needed

Short arm/leg wetsuit

What to bring:

Overnight bag with towels, swimmers, toiletries (soap etc), comfortable clothing



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Josh Brownlee, US
27 October 2016

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Harry Mcgregor, UK
11 March 2017

Sam and Jake were great help when I wanted to book my Fraser Island and Whitsundays trips! They gave me advise and explained all the trips in detail and even sorted out a discounted price! Highly recommend to book through RatPack travel! I even we...
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Michael O’pray, UK
29 March 2018

Just want to say how awesome Sam and the team have been. They made sure i had a plan all set into place before leaving for Australia! They even go above and beyond while i was over there Sophie even helped me with some of the top spot stuff to do ...
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Luca Tóth, Hungary
24 November 2017

We booked our Fraser Island tour and our Whitsundays tour with Sam from Ratpack. Sam took a lot of time (even after the shop would have been closed) to find the perfect trip for us. We were very happy with the Cool Dingo Fraser and the Ocean Rafti...
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