The RatPack Top Picks {Sydney}

> Visit the blue mountains National Park

> Why not choose to fall out of the sky and take in the city views in style from 14,000 ft

> Sit on the harbour bridge and capture a moment you’ll never forget

Like Cairns, Sydney is a popular destination for the start or end of an Australian east coast adventure, however thats where the comparisons between the two cities end. Sydney for one is rather BIG….

The glitz and glamour of the harbour lights attract tourists from all nationalities. The swanky bars and restaurants serve up five star cuisine and the opera house is of course one of the iconic symbols that resents Australia.

Apart from the obvious attractions though theres a million and one things to do and see…

“So, if you only have a few days in Sydney, unless you are wonder woman or you want to give yourself a heart attack – you aren’t going to be able to see it ALL.’”

BUT you can give it a bloody good try & that’s where Mollie Bylett is here to help >

“When I first visited Sydney, I was lucky as my friend had been studying there for 6 months so she already knew the hot spots and must-sees.”

“Even so, I found Sydney overwhelming. Incase you are in the same situation, completely clueless but want to make the most of your time, here is how I would spend 3 days in Sydney should I have my time again…”


Take 5 minutes out of your day and check out Mollie’s top tips for a long weekend spent in the city that that {literally} has it all…

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