You’ve made a good start… making your money stretch further by choosing the RatPack site to book your adventure activities! BUT…

What other tips and tricks do we have when it comes to being more efficient when it comes to spending your hard earned cash?!?!?

‘it doesn’t matter if you arrive a day late and a dollar short.’ >> This used to be one of my favourite sayings! However I now prefer – ‘arriving two days late and a dollar up…’ and we will show you how…

Before travelling I can speak on behalf of the entire RatPack crew when I say… I didn’t have a clue on the best ways to make a dollar note last a day longer… However if you can take on board every tip and trick to squeeze an extra day out of a set budget I can guarantee you’ll gain more memories in more beautiful places.

Its an extra day you’ll find your self cruising on a beach >> after all these are the days you remember not the ones walking the streets distributing CV’s… 😉

We always get asked the same questions so make use of Mollie Bylett’s tips and tricks because its easy when your in the know…

Check out her helpful article >> 

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