We Are RatPack Travel

The RatPack crew is made up of me {Sammy boy}, My Bruv-ski Jake {actual brother}, Swedish Molly & our cherry on the top – Miss Sophie Wilkins {who is our first customer turned official RatPacker}…

We’re no ordinary travel company, RatPack is formed from a group who are all young experienced travellers – between us we’ve covered every inch of Australia & NZ. We’ve all worked, travelled and experienced life on this side of the world, we’ve been there and done it and now we want to give you our tips & tricks.

Sammy Bois Story

Like many of you, I felt COMPLETELY lost after finishing my university degree… after 3 years of hard work I asked myself, what the hell am I doing... did I really want to join the Rat Race when there was a whole world out there with hundreds of amazing experiences waiting for me. There was a clear 2 word answer, ‘Hell No’. With my mate Big Ryan in tow, we found jobs, saved up some money, promptly quit our jobs & said goodbye to our families and non existent girlfriends...

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